Pool School

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Do you sell or rent pool homes?

Whether you have tenants or new home buyers, not everyone knows how to care for and properly maintain a swimming pool. That’s why we created Pool School. This free 30-45 minute consultation teaches proper pool care. Pool School provides peace of mind that the tenants of your rental properties, as well as new homeowners know the requirements of proper pool care and maintenance.

What do your customers learn from Pool School?

How their pool equipment functions and how to service it. How to properly test and use chemicals. How to properly maintain acceptable levels. Explain the pool’s type of surface. How to extend the life of the pool surface. Demonstrate how to clean the pool and filter Give your customers the gift of knowledge with Pool School. No charge to you or the customer.

Upon completion of Pool School, we offer your customer a Pool School Start-Up Kit, which includes all of the basic essentials needed to get started, with a 20% discount.