Additional Services

Not only does Mark’s Total Pool Service offer you professional reliable pool services for 15+ years, but now you can call us for other needs as well.

pressure-washingPressure Washing

Is a process that makes use of a mixture of detergent and water under a specified amount of pressure to clean various types of surfaces. It is not unusual for a pressure cleaner to be used for washing down exterior walls, concrete walkways, or patio floors. Pressure cleaning can also be used for many different types of fencing as well.

pool acid washAcid Washes

Purposeful stripping of a tiny layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath. Acid washes are also used just to bring out a brighter, whiter finish. Mineral stains and/or deposits, chlorine stains, even dirt stains…an acid wash is always a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

reseal paversRenew and Reseal Pavers

Applying a sealer does far more than just bead water and look pretty! Different pavers with different surface types require different types of treatments. Sealer applications can be made hours or years after your paver installation. Preserve your pavers and how the look for years to come!

pool deck cracksDeck Crack Repairs

If you have a concrete pool deck it is very likely at some point in time you will get cracks, and it will require some general maintenance. Why should you repair any deck cracks?

leaking poolLeak Detection

Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, some to splash-out and some to backwash wastewater. You may also gain water from rainfall.  My rule of thumb is that if you’re routinely adding more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak.  It is worth spending some time and money to repair.

pool-chemicals-300x225Chemical Delivery

There are many pool owners  that prefer to maintain their pool themselves. Mark’s Total Pool Service is proud to announce that we offer chemical delivery service with competitive chemical prices.